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Guides to a Gift- 4Corners Costa Rica

With the Christmas days away we thought it we could lend a hand with gift ideas so we reached out to a few guides around Charleston and asked what they would recommend anyone looking for gift ideas for the angler in their lifes! This guest is a little different from the rest of the guides in this series.

Introducing Chuck Hill, a Charleston native and founder of 4Corners Costa Rica.

Chuck Hill

4Corners Costa Rica

Instagram: 4cornerscr

Lidrig Mag Pad

These are very strong magnetic silicone stickers that are great for skiffs, coolers, dashboards, tying desks, vice bases, and anything else you can think of! 

Skinny Water Culture Oysterman L/S Lightweight Fishing Shirt

Oysterman Hoodie is a super breathable shirt with sun protection and extremely comfortable. There is also an oversized microfiber cloth for keeping your sunglasses clean. Developed to be quick drying, functional, with a crossover hood with drawstrings that fits perfectly and stays in place making it the coolest sun shirt in the game.

Yeti Panga Bag

The Yeti Panga Bag is a waterproof bag designed to keep things dry no matter the environment. It has open interior space to make it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, offering durability and organization for all your essentials. With adjustable straps for comfortable carrying, this bag is the ultimate choice for those who demand reliability in any weather.

About Chuck Hill and 4Corners

Chuck Hill is a fly-fishing nut hailing from an angling family in Charleston, South Carolina whose passion for fishing, nature, and everything the jungle has to offer will be obvious from the first conversation! Chuck comes from a military family and was ingrained with respect for servicemen and women from birth. Initially a medical equipment exporter with a location in Costa Rica- his business ventures, networking, and travels led him to the brainchild that is 4 Corners Costa Rica. With over a decade of experience traveling the backroads of the entire country, a well-connected Costa Rican business partner and family that has the same passion for angling, and a network of experienced local captains and friends looking to show the wonders of their land to the world- he has hand-selected the best locations, meals, and experiences to not only bring this dream to life, but to make it available to you!


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