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Guides to a Gift- Slackwater Expeditions Guide Service

With the Christmas right around the corner we thought it we could lend a hand with gift ideas so we reached out to a few guides around Charleston and asked what they would recommend anyone looking for gift ideas for the angler in their lifes! Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting ideas from each guide along with link for the items.

Todays guide is Capt. Bryant Wilson owner of Slackwater Expeditions Guide Service!

Capt. Bryant Wilson
Slackwater Expeditions Guide Service
Instagram: Capt.b_wilson
Charleston, SC

Sage Salt R8 Flyrod:

Salt R8 represents the flagship of Sage's saltwater models. R8 rods are more nimble to cast, light on the swing, while still remaining sensitive in the tip section. This is a dream rod for the true Flats Angler who desires the ability to make accurate distance casts while still maintaining feel to make an extremely technical and delicate presentation. My personal favorite is the R8 Salt 790 and the 8wt and 9wt follow closely in comparison. Light as can be with just the right amount of inherent stiffness in the blank, the Salt R8 790 embodies a perfectly designed fly rod for flats fishing. Firm with a feeling of strength and a progressive flex that works perfectly with the amount of line leaving the rod tip. As you swing this rod backwards you truly feel the tip engage. You can hammer it or delicately cast this rod all while it maintains an unbelievable feeling . For the flats fisherman that wants a lighter rod without compromising power, pick up a Salt R8, Especially the 7 or 8……you will not be disappointed!

Hatch Iconic 5+:

A super versatile fly reel that has an incredible drag system. It is lightweight enough to put on a trout rod, while still offering enough room for a sufficient amount of backing to use in saltwater applications. I personally use this reel on my 7 and 8 wt

setups primarily targeting Redfish on the flats. The lighter weight of the 5+ vs the larger arbor 7+ makes all the difference in swing weight and overall feel while still maintaining a drag system which is capable of putting a serious damper on a 30+” redfish during the fight. This is my go to reel for light/medium duty flats fishing !

Tibor push pole caddy:

If you frequently pole your boat and you don't have a push pole caddy, get one. I have had both the Tibor and the V-Marine in and both are of quality construction and build and should provide you with years of continued use. There isn't too much function involved with a push pole caddy. It swivels, and it holds your push pole on the platform, freeing your hands so you can cast at a fish, get on the platform to retrieve a fish for clients quickly. I also like to use my caddy for idle speed locations

changes where I may be hoping up and down from the poling platform moving closely from one flat to another.

About Capt. Bryant

Capt. Bryant Wilson is a SC Lowcountry native who has been fishing the

waters from Charleston to Beaufort for well over 30 years and professionally guiding just under 10. Please call or visit any of his online avenues for more information on booking a trip!

Item links

Sage Salt R8:

Hatch Icon 5+:

Tibor Push Pole Caddy:

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