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Skiff Talk Ep. 3 Delta X18 & Drake Outlaw

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Overview by Capt. Conner Bryant

Delta 18 Delta Boatworks is owned by Xplor Boatworks with the idea of a simple but multifunctional skiff. They are built with the same materials the Xplor’s are built with. This allows Delta to build a “meat and potatoes” style skiff ready to be customized by the owner with many different add on’s, optional console or tiller and 4 different color options. Delta also announce they will be unveiling two more hulls, a 23’ and a 25’. Today we will be discussing the 18’ skiff. With large spray rails and a high freeboard Delta has a very recognizable design.

~ Delta 18 Specs

Length: 18’9

Beam: 84”

Draft: 5-7”

Power: 50HP

Max Person: 4

Deadrise: 2 degree

Bow to stern As you walk up to a Delta 18 its hard to miss the large spray rails going from the bow down each side. My mind was immediately thinking this is definitely a dry boat. As you get up to the skiff one large hatch on the bow with an open cockpit layout and an open after bulk head. Opening the front compartment its spacious enough for all of the safety equipment with room leftover for personal storage. This compartment also houses a removable fuel tank closer towards the tip of the bow. Moving back into the cockpit its an open design with this particular skiff having a cooler as a jump seat, and it also has under gunnel rod storage for 6 rods. The cockpit is really where you notice the 84” beam, with plenty of room to walk around in without brushing against anything in the cockpit. On the starboard aft bulkhead a small switch panel in flush mounted for your nav light, bilge pump, and aux switches. This Delta also has a wide poling platform, and a bucket holder built onto the port side.

This particular skiff is powered with a Mercury 50 with a 3 blade 13P prop. Which pushes it in the mid 30s.

Thank you Capt. Austin for showing us your skiff!

~ Drake Outlaw Drake Boatworks

Owned by two brothers born and raised in South Carolina that wanted to create a skiff with the ability to fish shallow waters, pole great, and cross open water if needed. Drake Boatworks only builds a certain amount of skiffs each year, and can be customized for the individual order. Each skiff is built with high grade materials, and techniques that have been mastered through the years. Currently Drake Boatworks offers two different hull options, today we will talk about the Outlaw.

Drake Outlaw Specs:

Length: 17’3”

Beam: 59”

Draft: 3-6”

Weight: 320 lbs

Deadrise: 2 degrees

Fuel: 14 Gallon

~ Bow to Stern The Drake Outlaw has a very slick and dry design, as you walk up to it this skiff has a compartment on the top deck on the bow with plenty of room forward of that to have a casting platform. Inside of the forward compartment is the fuel tank against the bulk head and open room for safety gear and personal storage. Deep gutters on the hatch so water will drain out and the compartment is dry. Moving back into the cockpit this particular skiff also has a cooler jump seat that can be removed. It also has under gunnel storage for up to 6 rods. Lenco trim tab controls are flush mounted against the port side aft bulkhead out of the way of the driver. On the back deck behind the aft bulkhead is another large storage compartment. That also is going to be a dry compartment. For a 17’ skiff this Drake has maximized dry storage while also keeping this skiff light and simple. The poling platform is large and at a level that minimizes listing. Drake also installed trim tabs flush mounted against the bottom of the skiff.

This skiff is powered by a Yamaha 25HP with a 3 blade prob that pushes it around 25.

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