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Zonker Clouser

Looking for an affective fly for spooky Redfish? Well this is a go to for me, and its incredibly simple. All you need are a couple of materials and you can hammer out quite a few!


Umpqua X Series Flats Size 6


Black Zonker #6

Plastic Thai Dumbbell Eyes

Pink Thread

The Recipe;

  1. Wrap your shank in the pink thread.

  2. Place your dumbbell eyes about a dumbbell eye distance away from the eye of the hook and lock them in.

  3. Measure from the eye of the hook back with your zonked strip, then another so that you have a zonker strip from right behind the hook eye and continues a shank length off the hook.

  4. Measure where the shank starts to bend and punk a hole in to the zonked strip for the hook to go through. After a hole has been made cut a small slit into the zonker so that is can slide up and down the bend of the hook.

  5. Walk your thread down to the base of the hook, place zonked strip fur down against hook, then pull some fur back and locking the strip in with your thread. Then wrap your thread back up towards the hooks eye.

  6. Lock the tip on the zonked in behind the eye of the hook, don’t be afraid of stacking the thread towards the hook eye, it will only help it sink better.

  7. This would be where you would add a weed guard if you want as well.

  8. Whip finish and you’re done!

For most of the areas I fish I prefer black and pink, but feel free to try what ever color combo you'd like. Natural colors are also a great choice for me. Mix it and see how it fishes! When fishing spooky fish I usually will pair this with 1' of 12lb tippet to keep the presentation light. Get on the water and give it a try, let me know what you think!

- Capt. Conner


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