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Update: Affordable Fishing

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

We recently posted a blog about getting into fishing doesn’t have to break the bank. So what we decided to do was prove it. We took a Orvis Encounter with the original line on it and bought some flies off of amazon and went out and caught redfish! Link for the flies and rod combo below.


Rod Combo

Left: Langston broke the ice for the day and landed the first Red with the Encounter.
Below: Conner with another Red. All of the fish were caught on a crab pattern from Riverbum off of amazon.

After we had great success with the Orvis combo, we switched things up and started to throw the Diawa BG combos with 10lb braid and 20lb mono leaders. Link for rods and tackle below.

Rod Combo

Texas Eye Strike heads paired with a zman paddle tail is a combo not many Redfish can pass up!

Getting into fishing doesn't have to break the bank. Everyone starts somewhere and these two options are great starters!


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