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Snail Sightings!

The Lowcountry is, in my option one of the most unique fisheries in the world. From the wildlife to the vegetation it is a mosaic of diversity and behaviors. One of the big draws for anglers in this area is something called a “ Flood Tide”. Flood Tides are high tides that are higher than the average and allows fish, especially Redfish to go into the grass to feed. We will have another post specifically about Flood Tides and the workings of them. This post is about a major food source that I look for when finding new areas for my anglers to have an opportunity for success, the Periwinkle Snail.

Hiding in plain sight holding onto Spartina grass, lies an unsuspected favorite of the red fish. Many anglers overlook these guys while looking for fish on flats ( its very easy to do). Periwinkles, for me, are a huge sign for a healthy flat, the more you see the better the food chain and a healthy flat will usually provide fish.

Periwinkles are small snails, known scientifically as Littoraria irrorata. They thrive in salt marshes, found sucked onto Spartina grass moving up and down with the tide.Periwinkles are more than just a food source; they are indicators of a healthy marsh ecosystem. When tides are high, these snails being easy and abundant targets often find themselves on the menu for hunting red fish, many times you can hear the fish gulp the snail from the surface of the water.

- Capt. Conner

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