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Skiff Talk Ep. 4 HB Waterman

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Overview by Capt. Conner Bryant

The Waterman is one of the original Hells Bay models, and a workhorse of a skiff. With a very recognizable design by renowned skiff designer Chris Morejohn, this skiff is dry, silent when poling the flats, floats ultra skinny, and can carry up to 3 people.

Waterman Specs

Length: 18’

Weight: 610 pounds

Draft: 4 1/2”

Capacity: 3

Beam: 73”

Power: 50-70 hp

~ Bow to Stern The Waterman features large, pronounced spray rails and poling strakes on the hull for a dry ride and performance, as well as “cat eye” nav lights flush mounted into the hull. On the casting deck is a large compartment where the fuel tank is accessible as well as batteries, and some rigging. This compartment has deep gutters in the hatch and drain into the cockpit. Moving back into the cockpit, it is spacious with a side console layout and 6 under gunnel rod storage tubes. This skiff also has a front porch mounted on the front of the console for his GPS. Three compartment hatches are on the back deck aft of the cockpit. The port side is divided into two compartments, on this skiff one compartment is rigging for the power pole and the other is tackle storage. Center compartment is a large round live well. The starboard is another compartment for storage. The aft compartments on this skiff are extremely large with the open sponsons that drain water before it can enter. This allows for plenty of storage on the skiff without a fear of equipment getting wet.

This skiff is powered with a Yamaha F70 with a 3-blade, 16-pitch prop which will power this skiff to cruise around 30 knots.

Thank you Capt. Charlie for showing us your skiff!

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