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Lowcountry Bonefish?

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

One thing I love so dearly about the fly fishing community is the constant pressure to continue raising the bar and this topic is no different. Have you ever heard of “Lowcountry Bonefish”? Well allow me to introduce you to the Sphyrna tiburo or as us common folk call them, Bonnethead Shark. You can find these toothy critters swimming in creek mouths and working oyster beds at low tide looking for crabs and any other easy prey. Finding them tailing is common and most don’t have a fear of people or skiffs. While hunting they will put on quite a show, splashing on shorelines and fight like hell when hooked. They use the round Hammerhead style head as a planner to optimize the resistance they offer on the other end of the line. Violent head shakes and long runs are pretty much a guarantee. They revive in no time after a fight, and don't need much recovery time to swim off strong. Next time you’re working a low tide shoreline or creek, don’t be scared to raise the bar and test fate with a Bonnet.

Rod recommendation: 8wt- 10wt

Tippet: 10lb- 30lb

Flies: Crab Patterns, Lead Eyed Clousers, Seaducer

Make sure the fly is on the bottom for the shark to see it, when you set the hook ensure the hook is set. Those jaws are tough and they will spit hooks with soft hook sets.

-Capt. Conner

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