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Guides to a Gift- Tidal Waters Guide Service

With the Christmas right around the corner we thought it we could lend a hand with gift ideas so we reached out to a few guides around Charleston and asked what they would recommend anyone looking for gift ideas for the angler in their lifes! Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting ideas from each guide along with link for the items.

Todays guide is Capt. Conner Bryant owner of Tidal Waters Guide Service!

Capt. Conner Bryant

Tidal Waters Guide Service, LLC

Charleston, SC

Aftco Reaper Jacket: 

No secret AFTCO makes great clothing for being on and around the water, and I think the Reaper is a great representation of that. Its light weight which is important while fishing but extremely warm and wind proof. It even has a built in insulated neck/ face mask.

Push Pole Safety Flag: 

Its hard to pole a flat with a broken push pole and with the prices of them protecting your push pole is extremely important. When driving around town or trveling with your skiff, the end of a push pole be can be difficult to see. A push pole flag is a cheap but really great way to help ensure the pole is seen by others on the road.

Orvis Pro Textured Fly line: 

I love textured line especially in colder months. It helps having that extra bit of grip for when your fingers get cold and wet to be able to hold the line and make an accurate cast. It's also a line I recommend for learning or practicing casting. Having the ability to hear the line smoothly move through the eyes of the rod while casting adds another element you can learn from.

About Capt. Conner
Captain Conner Bryant, a 4th generation Carolinian and began his career on the water as a young boy. Captain Conner is passionate about salt water fishing and wants everyone experience this type of fishing for themselves. He specializes in inshore light tackle and fly fishing.

Item Links

Aftco Reaper

Push Pole Flag

Orvis Pro Fly Line

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