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Guides to a Gift- Fly Right Charters

With the Christmas right around the corner we thought it we could lend a hand with gift ideas so we reached out to a few guides around Charleston and asked what they would recommend anyone looking for gift ideas for the angler in their lifes! Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting ideas from each guide along with link for the items.

Todays guide is Captain John Irwin owner of Fly Right Charters!

Capt. John Irwin

Fly Right Charters

Instagram: captjohnirwin

AFTCO Gloves

AFTCO's range of gloves isn't just about protection; it's a fusion of comfort, durability, and performance. Whether battling tough fish or harsh weather conditions, AFTCO gloves offer the grip and flexibility needed for a successful day on the water. From the precision of the AFTCO Release Gloves to the warmth of the AFTCO Solitude Gloves, these accessories are a game-changer for any angler.

Costa King Tide Sunglasses

Enhance their vision and style with the Costa King Tide Sunglasses. Engineered for fishing, these sunglasses provide unparalleled clarity and glare reduction. The 580 lens technology ensures optimal performance in various light conditions, offering a sharp view beneath the surface and shielding eyes from harmful UV rays.

About Capt. John Irwin
Guiding in Charleston since 2002, Captain John Irwin specializes in both fly fishing and light tackle. He knows where the fish like to eat and is sure to put you in a position to make it happen. Spend a day on the water with this passionate guide and he will share insight and skillful techniques, while providing a safe and memorable fishing experience.

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