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Guides to a Gift- Ace Outdoors

With the Christmas right around the corner we thought it we could lend a hand with gift ideas so we reached out to a few guides around Charleston and asked what they would recommend anyone looking for gift ideas for the angler in their lifes! Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting ideas from each guide along with link for the items.

Todays guide is Captain Austin Young owner of Ace Outdoors!

Captain Austin Young

Ace Outdoors

Instagram: ace_outdoors_charleston

My favorite things that would make great gifts on my skiff are, my yeti dry box, v marine push pole caddy, and cup holders.

Yeti load out dry box:

The dry box on my skiff is great. I keep my tackle, phone, keys, shotgun shells and anything I need dry but its quick to access. It also stows perfect under my back seat and out of the way.

The V Marine pole caddy:

Perfect for solo fishing or fishing floods and being able to hop down to help clients without making a lot of noise.

Cup Holders:

I added cup holders to keep drinks from slipping around the deck and making noise while fishing. Such a simple item can help tremendously when sneaking up to spooky fish or preventing trashing the skiff. So many options of cup holders are on the market, temporary or permanent mount, It's hard to go wrong with them.

About Capt. Austin Young

Capt. Austin is a military veteran, photographer, videographer, and one hell of a fishing guide. Born in New Mexico and having lived all over, Capt. Austin has a diverse background in fresh and saltwater fly fishing. You can find him just about any time on the water fishing, hunting, or capturing the beautiful Charleston landscape on film!

Item Links:

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