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Feeling Fall

September is indeed an exciting time for fly fishing and fishing in the coastal and inland Carolina's. As the weather cools down and water traffic decreases, it's an excellent opportunity for anglers. Here are a few insights:

  1. King Tide Season: The king tide season brings optimal flood tides, creating prime conditions for sight fishing. This is a great time to target species like redfish in the shallows as well as try something a little different with a cast and blast trip.

  2. Striped Bass and Albacore: September marks the start of striped bass and albacore moving into the shallower waters. They become more accessible to fly fishermen, offering thrilling opportunities.

  3. Largemouth Bass: If you enjoy freshwater fishing, September often sees an increase in largemouth bass activity. Cooler temperatures can trigger feeding frenzies, making for exciting freshwater angling.

  4. Tarpon Season's End: While it's the end of the tarpon season, it can still be an exciting time to chase these powerful fish before they start slowing down. Tarpon fishing enthusiasts shouldn't miss this chance.

Overall, September offers a diverse range of fishing experiences in the Carolina's, whether you prefer saltwater or freshwater angling. Don't hesitate to reach out for advice or book a trip to make the most of this fantastic fishing season!

~ Langston

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